Before starting the SCD diet for my son, I had never baked any food; I had never prepared a chicken broth. So almost everything was new for me. I spent lot of time searching internet to learn the recipes and to learn how to do it. Now through years of doing this I have learnt how to do it in an easy way. So I thought I should share my experiences with other parents and to the people who would like to do SCD diet.

Many of the recipes given in this website are close to the taste of Indian food. But those recipes are not spicy or hot. It can be prepared and liked by everyone. You can adjust these recipes as per your preference and taste.

I had given step-by-step procedure with photos so that it can be helpful and give you confidence and motivation to try the recipes.

Some of the recipes in this website are simple and known to everyone. Some of the recipes are variations of non-scd recipes. Whenever I taste, make or see a non-scd recipe, I think of how to make it as SCD recipe. That’s how I tried sesame ladoo, Peanut ladoo, chicken pakoda etc.

Before starting the diet, I highly recommend to read the book 'Breaking the vicious cycle' by Elaine Gottschall and clearly understand the diet and know how it works. Look at the websites http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/ and http://www.pecanbread.com/ to get more ideas. These websites have loads of information about the diet, eating problems of your child and how to handle these issues while on diet. 

When I started the diet for my son, I spent lot of time searching in the Internet to find whether some of the Indian ingredients are legal or illegal. So I have tried to give as much as possible. I will keep updating the list when I know that something is missing. It would be great if you can let me know if you do not find any item in the list.
Below is the list of legal(allowed) and illegal(not allowed) items of SCD diet. In particular I have taken care to include all spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits that are predominantly being used in India.


Intro phase is the most difficult phase of the diet, as we need to change the food pattern by eliminating all our favorites and start a new pattern of food style. But if you are well planned and prepared then you will succeed for sure. So it’s better to plan in advance how you are going to do the Intro phase. During the Intro phase and also during the subsequent stages, at any given point of time, you should have already planned and have something ready to eat .The Intro diet can be started in two ways, The first option is to start off immediately by just stopping all illegals and start the day with the SCD diet. The second option is to gradually reduce eating the SCD illegals such as milk, rice, wheat and at the same time increase eating more of food that are allowed in SCD diet. You can start preparing more of the SCD recipes and get used to it for few days. Once you feel you are ready, start with the intro diet and keep going.

How we did it...

When I started the diet for my son, I took the first option. As expected, he was not happy and he refused to eat. But I motivated him by giving more of what he liked to eat. I gave him lot of fresh diluted grape juices and for meals, I first gave him an egg to motivate him to eat a bowl of carrots. When he did the Intro for the first time, he was not used to eat boiled vegetable. So I first grated the carrots, cooked it with salt for an hour or until it was soft. It was more like carrot soup. After being in diet for almost a year, I did Intro for second time because he ate a ball of raw wheat flour while I was preparing roti's. He had severe cramps and pain in his stomach. So I gave the Intro diet again for two days and went through the stages one by one. when we started the Intro for the second time, he had already learnt to eat boiled vegetable cubes and chicken. And it was much easier.

I cooked a large bunch of carrots in the morning itself and used it throughout the day. I refrigerated a few. This saves the time we spend in the kitchen. This also reduced the stress and gave more time to spend with the child to motivate him to take up the new diet and to support him.

I gave large bowl of food for every meal and also between meals whenever he felt hungry. This helped to maintain his energy level.

Eggs are his favorite, so i used it as a first item to motivate him to eat his vegetables. He ate carrots and chickens if he could smell the eggs in it. He was happy to eat the patties and pancakes are his all-time favorite.

We removed all the illegals from his eyesight and also the legals of higher level from his reach. We avoided eating in front of him so as to avoid temptations.

For Vegetarians...

For vegetarians who do not even eat eggs, the options available are boiled carrots and grape juice. But if you think you can tolerate any of the stage 1 items, you can include them during your Intro phase. The 'Stage 1 Recipes' section surely can help you to do it.

Intro stage menu ideas...

Below is a menu plan that can help you to plan your meals. I wrote down a similar menu plan for the whole phase which was for four days. This helps you in doing the shopping beforehand and for having the things ready for the coming days. You can make your own meal plan according to your or your kid's favorites and food tolerance.

Heartily wishes for successful completion of Intro Diet.

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