Legal - Illegal List

When I started the diet for my son, I spent lot of time searching in the Internet to find whether some of the Indian ingredients are legal or illegal. So I have tried to give as much as possible. I will keep updating the list when I know that something is missing. It would be great if you can let me know if you do not find any item in the list.
Below is the list of legal(allowed) and illegal(not allowed) items of SCD diet. In particular I have taken care to include all spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits that are predominantly being used in India.

A - K

ItemLegal / IllegalPicture
Acorn squash Legal Acorn squash
Allspice Legal allspice 
Almond Legal Almonds 
Almond butter Legal Almondbutter 
Almond milk Legal almond milk 2 
Aloe Vera Illegal Aloevera 
Amaranth Leaves Legal Amaranthleaves 
Anise seed Legal anise 
Apple Legal Apple 
Apple Cider Legal Applecider 
Apricot Legal Apricot 
Asafoetida Illegal Asofeotida 
Ash gourd Legal ash gourd 
Asparagus Legal Asparagus 
Avacado oil Legal Avocadooil 
Avocadoes Legal  Avocado
Baking Powder Illegal b pwd 
Baking soda Legal b soda 
Bananas Legal bananas 
Barley Illegal Barley 
Basil sweet Legal Basil 
Bay leaf Legal  Bayleaf
Beetroot Legal Beetroot 
Bellpepper Legal Bellpepper 
Berries Legal Berries 
Bittergourd Illegal Bittergourd 
Black beans Legal Blackbeans 
Black eye bean(Lobia) Illegal Blackeyedbeans 
Bok choy Legal Bokchoy 
Bottlegourd Legal  Bottlegourd
Brazil nuts Legal  Brazilnut
Broad/Fava bean Illegal Broadbeans 
Broccoli Legal Broccoli 
Brussels Sprout Legal Brusselsprouts 
Buck Wheat Illegal Buckwheat 
Butter Legal Butter 
Butter beans Illegal  Butterbeans
Buttermilk Illegal Buttermilk 
Butternut Squash Legal Butternutsquash 
Cabbage Legal Cabbage 
Canellini beans Illegal cannellinibeans 
Canola oil Legal canola 
Cantaloupe Legal Cantaloupe 
Caraway seed Legal
cardamom Legal cardamom 
Carrot Legal Carrots 
Cashewnuts Legal cashew2 
Cauliflower Legal caulif 
Cayenne Pepper Legal cayene pepper 
Celery seeds Legal Celery seed 
chayote Legal chayote 
cherry Legal cherry 
Chick Pea/Garbanzo beans Illegal chick peas 
chicken Legal chicken 
Chives Legal chives 
Cinnamon Legal cinnamon 
Clementine Legal clementines 
Cloves Legal cloves 
Coriander powder Legal  coriander pwd 2
Coriander seeds Legal  cor seeds
Cumin seeds Legal cumin-seeds-whole-organic-1 
Curry Leaves Legal benefits-of-curry-leaf 
Custard Apple Legal custard apple 
Dates Legal Medjool Dates NEW1 
Dill seed Legal dill seeds 
Dill weed Legal dill weeds 
Drumstick Illegal drumstick 
Eggplant Legal eggplant 
Eggs Legal eggs 
Fava beans Illegal fava-broad-beans-pods-shelling-500x375 
Fennel Legal fenel 
Fenugreek leaves Illegal Fenugreek leaves 
Fenugreek seed Illegal fenugreek seeds 
Fig Legal  fig
Fish Legal fish
Flaxseed Illegal  flax seeds
Flaxseed oil Legal flaxseed oil 
Flour Illegal Flour 
Garlic Legal garlic 
Gelatin(unflavored) Legal gelatin 
Ghee Legal ghee 
Ginger Legal ginger-root 
Ginger(Dried) Legal tajagrodry ginnger dried 
Grapes Legal  grapes
Grapeseed oil Legal grapeseed-pic31 
Green beans Legal  green-beans
Green tea Legal imagesgreen tea 
Hazelnuts Legal jefferson hazelnut tree-image1 
Hemp seed Illegal hemp 
Honey Legal honey 
Honeydew melon Legal  honeydew-melon.20885139 std
Horseradish Legal horseradish-root-isp 
Ice cream Illegal  History-of-Ice-Cream-1
Iron supplement Illegal iron 
Jaggery Illegal  natural-jaggery-exporters-india
Jalapenos Legal  jalapeno-hotness
Kale Legal kale 90751 
Kefir Illegal Kefir 
Ketchup Illegal ketchup-with-tomato 
Kidney beans Legal kidney 
Kiwi Legal  Kiwi aka
Kohlrabi Illegal kohlrabi(2) 

L - Z

ItemLegal / IllegalPicture
Ladies Finger Illegal okra 
Lamb Legal lamb 
Leek Legal leek3 
Lemons Legal Lemons2 
Lentils Legal Lentils 
Lettuce Legal lettuce 
Lima beans Legal images 
Limes Legal limes 
Macadamia oil Legal macadamiaoil 
Macdamia nuts Legal macadamia-nuts 
Mangoes Legal mango 
Maple syrup Illegal maplesyrup 
Margarine Illegal margarine 
Marjoram Legal marjoram 16x9 
Marshmallow Illegal Marshmallow 
Meat Legal meats 
Meats(processed) Illegal processedmeat 
Melons Legal Melons 
Milk Illegal milk 
Millet Illegal millets 
Mint Legal  mint
Molasses Illegal Molasses 
Mozzarella cheese Illegal cheese 
Mung beans Illegal mung bean 
Mushroom Legal mushrooms 
Mustard seeds Legal mustard 2 
Navy beans Legal  navy beans
Nectarines Legal nectarine
Nutmeg Legal 11914dried nutmeg 
Oats Illegal  oats
Olive oil Legal olive oil 
olives Legal spanish-olives 
onions Legal  onions
Oranges Legal  oranges
Oregano Legal oregano 
Papayas Legal papaya 
Paprika Legal  paprika
Parsely Legal parsely 
Parsnips Illegal  Parsnips
Pasta Illegal pasta-shapes 
Pea Flour Illegal  Besan-Flour-Chick-Pea-Flour
Peaches Legal peaches 
Peanut Legal 20111011-peanut-shell 
Peanut Butter Legal  peanut-butter-recall-320
Peanut oil Legal Groundnut oil 
Pear Legal pears 
Peas Legal  peas
Pecans Legal  pecans
Peppercons Legal peppercons 
Peppers(Capsicum) Legal peppers 
Pineapple Legal  pineapple
Pistachio nuts Legal pistachio-nuts 
Plantains Illegal  plantains
Plums Legal plums 
Pomegranate Legal pomegranate 
Poppy seeds Legal poppy-seeds-white-1 
Potatoes Illegal potatos 
Protein powder Illegal protienpwd 
Prunes Legal prunes 
Pumpkin Legal pumki 
Quinoa Illegal Quinoa Grain crop 027 
Radish Legal radish
Raisin Legal raisins 
Raw Papaya Legal  ING-green-papaya sql
Rhubarb Legal rhubarb 
Rice Illegal rice-variety-300x199 
Rice bran Illegal rice bran image 
Rosemary Legal  rosemary
saffron Legal  saffron-spice
Sage(Karporavalli) Legal  sage front 006
Sago starch Illegal sago starch 
Sesame seeds Legal  sesame
Snake gourd Legal  snake 2
Strawberry Legal strawberry 
Sweetpotato/yam Illegal yams 
Tamarind Illegal tamarind 
Tapioca Illegal tapioca 
Tapioca Flour Illegal tapiocaflr 
Tarragon Legal Tarragon hero-6e030140-ee74-4e11-aa57-97a55a63a317-0-472x310 
Tea Legal tea 
Thyme Legal 14 51 42 440 Thyme Medium  
Tomato Legal tomatoes 
Turmeric Legal  turmeric
Turnip Illegal turnips001 
Vanilla Legal vanilla 
Vinegar Legal  vinegar
Walnut oil Legal Walnut-oil-2 
Walnuts Legal  Raw whole walnuts
Wasabi Legal wasabi 
Watercress Legal water cress 
Watermelon Legal Watermelons 
Wheat Illegal wheat 
Wheat germ Illegal Wheatgerm hero-06f34ab2-f001-4312-8e35-71b8d1ed67ca-0-472x310 
Wine Legal wine 2805426b 
Xanthum Gum Illegal xanthum 
Yams Illegal yams 
Yellow Squash Legal yellow sq 
Yoghurt(homemade) Legal yogourt 
Zucchini Legal Zucchini 

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